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Mediterranean Diet

Celebrate the Mediterranean Diet Lifestyle

Hey Mediterranean Snacks fans! Guess what? The month of May is officially International Mediterranean Diet Month! We’re here to tell you about some important facts regarding the Mediterranean Diet and how YOU can participate in the festivities to help celebrate this lifestyle! According to Oldways, a non-profit food and nutrition organization, the Mediterranean Diet is described as a lifestyle, not just a list of food choices to comprise a diet. The Mediterranean Diet has also been noted as one of the healthiest in the world. This lifestyle encourages individuals to embrace many more legumes, grains, and fish into their meals … Read More

Healthy Snacking

Why Snacking is Good For You

Guest Article Written By: Virginia Cunningham It is not even midday and you are feeling that mid morning slump. Your energy is low, your concentration is… what concentration?… and you are honestly just counting down the minutes until it is lunchtime. The reality is, food is not only supposed to be eaten for its tastiness (although that is a very good reason to eat food), but also to keep you going! Food is fuel. Our bodies need fuel and it is okay that our bodies need fuel every few hours to get through the day. In fact, snacking in between meals has … Read More

The Mediterranean Diet

It’s National Nutritious Month and guess what’s trending? Protein and The Mediterranean Diet.  Take a look at this CBS News Special we found on The Mediterranean Diet.  They discuss how it’s recommended to eat legumes at least 3 times a week to possibly help reduce heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.