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Celebrate Celiac Awareness Month

Mediterranean Snacks fans, help us celebrate Celiac Awareness Month this May and educate others about sensitivity to gluten! Did you know? • In the United States, approximately 3 million people have celiac disease • Of this 3 million, only 5% know they have it • 1 in 133 Americans have celiac disease Educate Celiac disease is an autoimmune digestive disease that damages your small intestine. It prevents proper absorption of nutrients your body needs from food, so your body reacts every time you consume gluten. Celiac Awareness Month is the perfect time to help your family and friends understand what … Read More

Mediterranean Diet

Celebrate the Mediterranean Diet Lifestyle

Hey Mediterranean Snacks fans! Guess what? The month of May is officially International Mediterranean Diet Month! We’re here to tell you about some important facts regarding the Mediterranean Diet and how YOU can participate in the festivities to help celebrate this lifestyle! According to Oldways, a non-profit food and nutrition organization, the Mediterranean Diet is described as a lifestyle, not just a list of food choices to comprise a diet. The Mediterranean Diet has also been noted as one of the healthiest in the world. This lifestyle encourages individuals to embrace many more legumes, grains, and fish into their meals … Read More


Boonton NJ – Dog Daze of Summer

On June 7, some 28 dogs were unleashed on Main Street and will remain there through the summer. No, downtown Boonton is not going to the dogs, but rather designers and these life-size fiberglass dogs are a celebration of the arts in Boonton. Boonton Dog Daze of Summer … Art Unleashed, a public art project from Boonton Main Street organization, gave artists a chance to express themselves with a dog as the canvas. Each canine is a unique work of art and is sponsored by a business. After the summer, the dogs will be auctioned off with proceeds going to … Read More


Why Should You Visit Your Local Farmers’ Markets

We thought it would be nice to list a few insights on why you should visit your local Farmers’ Markets! 1.    You will be purchasing product from your local businesses. When you purchase from local businesses you are investing in and supporting that specific community. 2.    You can make it a tradition, go every weekend by yourself or with your kids as and make it educational. 3.    The food is fresh and tastes delicious! 4.    It’s a fun adventure to sample and discover seasonal items not typically available in regular stores 5.    To locate a farmer’s market in your state, … Read More


Eat Healthy Snacks – WIN $300 IN PRIZES!

  You could win over $300 in prizes! More and more snack lovers are transitioning to healthier options for their daily diet. What happens when you combine a healthy attitude with an active lifestyle and nutritious snacks? At Mediterranean Snacks®, we call it Living Snactive™! We wanted a way for you to engage with us and show how you Live Snactive™ by eating healthy snacks. So grab some Mediterranean Snacks, take a snap, and upload your photo! Entering is easy! 1. Simply grab any of your favorite Mediterranean Snacks products. 2 SNAP a photo of yourself eating, dipping, crunching, ENJOYING … Read More


Reader’s Digest: Turn Snacks into Meals

Snacks for Supper! 30+ Fun Recipes That Turn Snack Foods Into Meals We were so excited to discover this unique article written by Perri O. Blumberg with additional reporting by Rachel Hofstetter.  Add a little out-of-the-bag thinking to your favorite packaged snacks and you’ve got dozens of recipes for fun desserts, party food, and more. Mediterranean Snacks was featured in slide number 7: Dinner Dishes: Loaded Tortilla-Free Nachos  For spin on regular nachos, layer kettle-cooked chips (They’re thick enough to hold up under melted cheese) with cheese, refried beans, shredded chicken and whatever toppings you like for crunchy, corn-free nachos. … Read More

Experience the Essence of Mediterranean Snacks + A Sneak Peak!

Everything you could ever want to know about our snacks, plus a sneak peek of our newest innovation!  Be sure to share and spread the legume love!