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Have a Snack-Filled Holiday

You’re probably thinking, “Wait…isn’t snacking a big no-no during the holiday season?” We tend to stuff ourselves on indulgent, calorie-laden holiday meals and treats during this most wonderful time of the year, so why are we encouraging you to snack? The fact of the matter is sensible snacking can actually help you consume fewer calories throughout the holiday season. There are many opinions to be had about snacking in general. Some people subscribe to the theory that three square meals a day with no snacks is ideal. Others believe that three smaller meals and two sensible snacks a day is … Read More

You Can Snack on World Health Day

Can you believe that 40% of adults aged 25 and up have high blood pressure? At least that is the statistic World Health Organization is claiming. High blood pressure is also known as raised blood pressure or hypertension. This increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure. When was the last time you had a physical? I bet many of you reading this will say that it’s been years. This isn’t good enough for our health because our health is crucial to our everyday happiness.  Make sure you fuel your body with exercise; the right meals, and the … Read More

Winners: Video Contest 2012

Hi everyone, The winner of the Mediterranean Snacks Video Contest 2012 is JoyAnna with “A Mediterranean Discovery”: She won $1,500 along with some goodies. 2nd place went to Michael for “The Lost Soul”: And finally 3rd place went to Gregory for “Grab a Bag”: Got some inspiration from these great videos!? The next Video Contest will happen at the end of 2012, we would love for you to submit your video then! We will keep you posted on this next opportunity. Until then munch on some Mediterranean Snacks™ snacks!