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NEW TREND: Healthier Halloween Snacks

You are probably familiar with the children’s chant “Trick or treat, smell my feet and give me something good to eat”! Only now it’s more “give me something healthier to eat” or better yet, maybe even you’re singing “give my kid something healthier to eat”. You don’t need to stress anymore when you see those petite princesses, mean monsters, and speedy superheroes approach your front door. Tossing in healthier and fun snack options are becoming easier to find these days for Halloween, especially if you were to search on Pinterest. Healthier Halloween Snacks We’ve put together “A Live Snactive™ Trick or Treat” Pinterest board for you to get some ideas on what you can create to have a healthier Halloween. Some of these ideas are great for parties, or even to hand out when the gobblers knock on your door. You can still be voted best treat on the block while being healthier, but just remember to spunk up your costume and raise your “BOO”scare at the door. This is the perfect time to act like a kid, so go for it! Of course, the best single serve snacks to hand out this Halloween are Mediterranean Snacks, but click on over to our “A Live Snactive™ Trick or TreatPinterest board for more ideas! Happy Halloween!
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