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Celebrate Celiac Awareness Month

Mediterranean Snacks fans, help us celebrate Celiac Awareness Month this May and educate others about sensitivity to gluten! Did you know? • In the United States, approximately 3 million people have celiac disease • Of this 3 million, only 5% know they have it • 1 in 133 Americans have celiac disease Educate Celiac disease is an autoimmune digestive disease that damages your small intestine. It prevents proper absorption of nutrients your body needs from food, so your body reacts every time you consume gluten. Celiac Awareness Month is the perfect time to help your family and friends understand what … Read More

Mediterranean Diet

Celebrate the Mediterranean Diet Lifestyle

Hey Mediterranean Snacks fans! Guess what? The month of May is officially International Mediterranean Diet Month! We’re here to tell you about some important facts regarding the Mediterranean Diet and how YOU can participate in the festivities to help celebrate this lifestyle! According to Oldways, a non-profit food and nutrition organization, the Mediterranean Diet is described as a lifestyle, not just a list of food choices to comprise a diet. The Mediterranean Diet has also been noted as one of the healthiest in the world. This lifestyle encourages individuals to embrace many more legumes, grains, and fish into their meals … Read More


Phil Lempert Gives tapaz2go a “HIT” Review

We have exciting news to share! Phil Lempert, from Supermarket Guru has given tapaz2go a “HIT” Review! Phil is the founder and editor of “The Lempert Report,” “Food, Nutrition & Science,” ” Facts, Figures & the Future ,” and “The Food Journal.”   He is contributing editor of Supermarket News, which exclusively runs his trade columns both in its magazine and on its website; as well as a content partner with SN which includes custom consumer surveys and other projects.   He has been profiled and interviewed by USA Today, The New York Times , The Christian Science Monitor, The Wall Street … Read More


Better For You, Easy to Grab Snacks

It’s August and many of us are looking to stay outdoors while summer lasts, and gearing up for the fall season. We tend to be more on the go in autumn, and open to trying more wholesome snack options too, so we thought a little guide to provide snack ideas on the go would be valuable to you. Snacking has become and extremely popular industry because our lives seem to get busier by the day, we appear to be snacking more often, we love handy bite-size eats, plus we may not have the time to prep and cook a full … Read More


Mediterranean Diet May Be Better Than a Low Fat Diet

We’ve stumbled upon an article from TIME, Health and Family – Mediterranean Diet Better Than Low-Fat Diet in Keeping Aging Brains Sharp The article shares evidence that the Mediterranean Diet can contribute to a lower risk of heart attacks, stroke, childhood asthma and possibly cancer. We’ve always supported a Mediterranean Lifestyle, therefore wanted to post this mini blog for you to take a look at this fascinating article! Check it out by clicking here.


Go with a Heart-Healthy Mediterranean Diet

If you’re conscious of your heart’s health and you’re looking around for a good, heart-healthy eating plan, the Mediterranean diet might be the ticket. The Mediterranean diet contains the basics of healthy eating, plus some additional “deliciousness” like red wine and olive oil. This cooking style follows those dietary traditions of countries, which boarder the Mediterranean Sea.


Boonton NJ – Dog Daze of Summer

On June 7, some 28 dogs were unleashed on Main Street and will remain there through the summer. No, downtown Boonton is not going to the dogs, but rather designers and these life-size fiberglass dogs are a celebration of the arts in Boonton. Boonton Dog Daze of Summer … Art Unleashed, a public art project from Boonton Main Street organization, gave artists a chance to express themselves with a dog as the canvas. Each canine is a unique work of art and is sponsored by a business. After the summer, the dogs will be auctioned off with proceeds going to … Read More


Why Should You Visit Your Local Farmers’ Markets

We thought it would be nice to list a few insights on why you should visit your local Farmers’ Markets! 1.    You will be purchasing product from your local businesses. When you purchase from local businesses you are investing in and supporting that specific community. 2.    You can make it a tradition, go every weekend by yourself or with your kids as and make it educational. 3.    The food is fresh and tastes delicious! 4.    It’s a fun adventure to sample and discover seasonal items not typically available in regular stores 5.    To locate a farmer’s market in your state, … Read More


Celiac Disease, Fitness, Bike and Runners Awareness Month-Oh My!

We have a busy month this May as it’s Celiac Awareness Month, National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, National Bike Month, and National Runners Month. Which one or ones resonates with you? We want to support and bring awareness to all of these because we support the Celiac Disease with our gluten free snacks, we support an active lifestyle, therefore fitness and sports, bikers and runners, we all love! Below are direct links to learn more about each of these awareness topics! 1. Celiac Awareness Month – Celiac Awareness Month is an event held throughout the United States each May … Read More


Eat Healthy Snacks – WIN $300 IN PRIZES!

  You could win over $300 in prizes! More and more snack lovers are transitioning to healthier options for their daily diet. What happens when you combine a healthy attitude with an active lifestyle and nutritious snacks? At Mediterranean Snacks®, we call it Living Snactive™! We wanted a way for you to engage with us and show how you Live Snactive™ by eating healthy snacks. So grab some Mediterranean Snacks, take a snap, and upload your photo! Entering is easy! 1. Simply grab any of your favorite Mediterranean Snacks products. 2 SNAP a photo of yourself eating, dipping, crunching, ENJOYING … Read More