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It’s August and many of us are looking to stay outdoors while summer lasts, and gearing up for the fall season. We tend to be more on the go in autumn, and open to trying more wholesome snack options too, so we thought a little guide to provide snack ideas on the go would be valuable to you. Snacking has become and extremely popular industry because our lives seem to get busier by the day, we appear to be snacking more often, we love handy bite-size eats, plus we may not have the time to prep and cook a full course meal. It also feels healthier to many of us when snacking smaller and smarter throughout the day, which could also help speed up your metabolism. So here are some grab and go snack ideas for you: 1. Get Simple with Single Serve – Many of our snacks come in a single serve size bag (1.0oz or less) which naturally makes it an easy option for on-the-go. You can’t get any simpler with this grab and go! 2. Add a Little Bit of Hummus to Your Snacks – If you can add some hummus to your single serve Mediterranean Baked Lentil Chips or Lentil Crackers, do it! This will add a complete little mini meal to your day with plenty of nutritious fiber and protein between both. Mini Meal - tapaz2go 3. Tapaz2go – This is your new, easiest, coolest, and healthier mini meal. Just now on the shelves we give you gluten free sea salt crackers, conveniently combined with hummus, and a fun way to eat out of a tray! All packaged together, portable to take this anywhere like on a hike, for your picnic, out on the boat, or just between errands in the car because guess what, it’s shelf stable! 4. Grab Your Cheese and Crackers – Our Lentil Crackers and HummuZ crackers go perfect paired with your favorite cheese, and are packed with protein to keep you going. Grab a few cheese sticks or break off small pieces of cheese so you have a nice balance between the two. But if dairy is not your thing, then switch up with peanut butter instead of cheese. 5. Find Your Fruit and Don’t Forget Your Water – Of course, water is key whether in summer or fall, and you simply can’t go wrong by adding in a little fruit with each snacking choice. It’s a great nutritious balance for your healthful, on-the-go lifestyle…or as we say here, Live Snactive.™ HT8JADEQHQWP
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