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About Mediterranean Snacks®

Mediterranean Snacks Legume Family

As a leading company with a wide range of products for the natural food channel, we are committed to providing nutritionally superior authentic snacking solutions that deliver consumer expectations for taste, health, and satiation. Since 2005 we have been at the forefront of developing and changing how the food industry looks at the natural, gluten-free, non-GMO snacking category.

Live Snactive

All of our legume based products are naturally protein packed, baked not fried, trans-fat free and gluten-free certified so you can enjoy snacking again and again!

Above all, we are proud to make and market delicious, nutritious snacks that have a pleasing crunch, and are calorically smart, to help you support your healthy active lifestyle.

Our Live Snactive™ Philosophy

What happens when you combine a healthy attitude with an active lifestyle and nutritious snacks? At Mediterranean Snacks®, we call it Living Snactive™!

We know it’s hard to stay active in the midst of your busy lifestyle, and we know it is even harder to make healthy eating choices on-the-go.

That’s why we created a line of calorically smart snacks that work with your active lifestyle, not against it. Whether you Live Snactive™ by running, practicing yoga, cycling, or just walking your dog, Mediterranean Snacks® are a great choice for healthy snacking. All of our products are low fat and many are a good source of protein, high in potassium, and rich in essential vitamins and minerals to support your Snactive™ lifestyle.

Healthy Attitude + Active Lifestyle + Nutritious Snacks = Living Snactive™

Health Attitude + Active Lifestyle + Nutritious Snacks = Live Snactive